About Us

Making beautiful, functional, yet affordable pet wear was the reason behind starting The Velvet Belle. We’re passionate about handcrafting lovely pieces for our pups. You and your best friend deserve the best!

Good Dogs Deserve Good Detail

Every pattern and color palette we choose across our bow lines are specially picked with our pets and yours in mind. Our founder obsesses over colors and patterns to choose thoughtful design palettes for each season, bringing you pieces that can be mixed and matched. We handcraft and hand tie our bows and accessories with love for every dog and pup lover!

From Our Founder.

First I became a Dog-Mom to Chief, who is now 10 years old. I was just married and I remember telling my new Hubby I didn’t want to be “one of those people”. You know, the kind that gets a puppy first which makes friends and family think they must not be having kids for awhile. But 4 months later a close friend found a 4 month old yellow lab mix that was dumped. We searched and posted for the owners to claim him, several days later…and no one came forward. So we took in the little pup with velvety soft ears, who was full of fleas, not fixed and obviously was on his own for a while and needed a family to love.  

Then I became a Boy-Mom. I was still the only girl in a family of 4 +1 pup. We always knew that once the boys were old enough to help pick out a puppy we would adopt another. We wanted Chief to have a friend and a puppy that the boys would grow up with. This is where Belle comes in.

We must have searched on and off for over a year for the right pup online, then around the time our boys were turning 5 & 2 we were looking everyday. We came across the cutest black lab mix listings at a humane society an hour away for some pup sisters who were rescued from a kill shelter. We knew we had to see them so we filled out the application and called as soon as they opened to get an appointment. The whole family went to the humane society and we came home with Belle. Momma finally got a girl! She is the sweetest to our boys and is the perfect addition to our family. And I couldn’t wait to dress her up!

I started searching and buying bows for Belle but I was continuously disappointed in quality, design and/or price. I wanted good function and durability, with great style- but be affordable. That’s where The Velvet Belle was born.


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